Final Transcript Instructions, 2019 Season

Document Deadlines
You may accept the offer of admission prior to sending your final official transcripts.

If you have completed all coursework and requirements for a degree, please send the official transcript as soon as possible, following the submission instructions provided below.
If you are still enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, please send official electronic documents when you have completed all coursework and your degree has been awarded.

The deadline for submission of these academic documents is October 15.

Official Transcript Definition
For a transcript to be considered official, it must be provided to the GSAS Office of Admissions directly from the Registrar’s Office of the sending institution. Any documents to which an applicant has had access, including any transcripts uploaded as part of the application, are automatically considered unofficial.

GSAS does not accept transcripts sent by university officials as email attachments. To be considered official, academic documents must be sent via a secure online system (password-protected) directly from the institution's Registrar's Office.

Final official transcripts must include proof of the degree(s) awarded.

Document Submission Instructions

Students who have attended schools in the US:
Please submit electronic transcripts directly from your school's registrar's office or via the vendor that provides that service for your institution to
If a school does not offer electronic delivery, you must write to to provide us with the link to your institution's webpage concerning transcript orders. After verification, we will respond with further instructions.

Students attending Chinese institutions:
You are required to contact CHESICC to arrange submission of a "Verification Report of China Higher Education Student's Academic Transcript"and a "Verification Report of China Higher Education Qualification Certificate" (for those earning a degree in China) to

All other students who have attended an international university:
If your school offers secure online delivery from the school's registrar's office or a vendor that provides that service for your institution, please submit an electronic transcript to

If the transcript is not printed in English, please have the English translation submitted electronically as well. The transcript and translation must be sent together, directly from your school, to

If the school cannot send transcripts electronically via a secure, password-protected system, or if a required translation cannot be submitted directly from your institution, you must contact World Education Services (WES) and order a Course-by-Course Evaluation and an International Credential Advantage Package to be sent to